Exchange Partner Program

To achieve transparency and a community centric approach, our exchange will adopt a distributed revenue model.
50% of our revenue will be redistributed to the community through a redistribution program.
Users who hold more than
100,000 CNEX tokens will be eligible for a partnership directly with Cryptonity.



Our security mechanisms keep the majority of the funds locked in a cold wallet (98%) while the rest (2%) of them is used for daily liquidity.


At Cryptonity our plan is to be transparent every step of the way so our users can always be in the loop regarding our business and their money.

Multi Fiat

Cryptonity will let you deposit and withdraw fiat currencies through SEPA and International SWIFT bank transfers.

Multilingual Support

To give our users the most comfortable experience on Cryptonity Exchange at the initial release, Cryptonity will have support for English​ and Chinese.

Device Coverage

We aim to provide the most comfortable trading experience on any device. This includes a web​-based trading client, an​ Android​ and IOS native client and a​ mobile​ HTML5 native client.


Through our partnerships with strategic investors and liquidity providers our exchange will have the necessary volume from day one.

Distributed revenue

50% of our revenue will be redistributed to the community through a redistribution program. The top 50 holders of our token will get 20% of the revenue to be distributed.

Masternodes pool

We will create a pool system with a minimum number of coins required. Each user will be paid each day on the prorate coins he deposited on the pool.

POS Staking

Through locking their assets in POS wallets the users can earn monthly dividends based on the amount locked. Just like for masternodes, there is no need for a 24-hour machine for users. We take care of all that.


  • 2019 - Beta Version of Exchange ( web platform )

  • 2019 - Exchange Platform launch

  • 2019 - First kickstarter project

  • 2020 - Android & iOS Application Release

  • 2020 - Margin Trading operational

  • 2020 - POS Wallets & Masternodes Pool

  • 2020 - Launch of Cryptonity DEX

Token Allocation

Total Number of Tokens
Cryptonity Exchange
400 MM
Team tokens locked for 12 months.


Cryptonity is a product by QuickX Ltd. The team has a proven track record in Blockchain and the parent company has 10+ years of experience in Cyber Security. This will ensures that the product will meet the industry standards and is completely secure from cyber attacks.